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A true Folk Religion IS    A Sense of Our Purpose

The Device & The Birth of Aryana

From the Meditative Paradigms of Seiğr, passage 20

Worlds change: self is eternal, reborn into different matrices that we call 'worlds.' Vision is eternal, beyond Time, smallest cell of Ginungagap,
seeking the Golden Age and my own Godlihood, holding the sight. Releasing into being what worlds we have. The seer by knowing knows. The diviner by stave and
stone. The man of Power holds his vision tightly at the highest reach of self. Released into being his flight is the flight of all whom he touches.

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This site is dedicated to the Goğanum, the Gods and Goddesses of the North. Our Faith is called by many names: Asatru, Old Norse or Germanic Paganism, Heathenism, Odinsim, Wotanism, The Elder Troth, Teutonic Theology, Old Norse or Germanic Religion, Forn Si'r, Forn Sed, and Nordisk Sed among others. Some see slight distinctions depending on the name used and we have a message for those of you who do... Welcome!