Fresh Streams

The Gošin of the Old Norse are alive and well.
It is Their Wish that Teutonic men and women know well
the fresh streams that have always run under the world tree.
For this reason, we solicit what is true and treue.
We reclaim our noble standing.

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We, too, have Right to Our Own Memory - Honouring the Folk

"What Thou Lovest Well Remains"

This site honors Ezra Pound. We must speak fairly and honestly about the real events of our lives, for too much that passes for history is colored by the agendas of governments, political parties and others. In Pound's case, the fact that he was a supporter of the Fascisti in Italy from 1928-45 and the U.S. warred against that regime has resulted in the bulk of politically-correct literary historians ignoring Pound's true enormity of stature in the early to mid 20th Century.

To lovers of poetry, Ezra Pound is a literary giant. Not only are his own compositions bare in form, and modern in that regard, but, ironically, they are richly grounded in Classical sentiment and a cross-cultural depth of understanding that seems to encompass the broader themes of the human experience. We know him also for his explorations of other literatures. His translations are sometimes just as moving, as The Exile's Letter from the Chinese. It as is if, in reading Pound, we overhear the dinner conversation where Albert Camus, Miguel de Unamuno, and Votaire are present.

We share the outrage of many that a man who had renounced his U.S. citizenship and supported the Italian state long before the U.S. declared war on it was tried for Treason and even worse, that he was tortured in U.S. captivity. We ask the Guardians to help keep alive the record of our people's experiences, as in our pages and other publications, sites, tomes, and kinsmen, all of which dare speak unpopular truths. Ezra Pound, you're not forgotten.

The Red Army swept into East Prussia committing genocide and mass rape. While many historians of WWII have attempted to portray Germans as acting this way, the fact is that millions of innocent German civilians were murdered, raped, and tortured after the war which is substantiated further as each year goes by with uncovered information accessed from Soviet archives. The victorious Allied Powers committed mass atrocities, as well-documented in Gruesome Harvest by Ralph Franklin Keeling (available from many booksellers), but in the case of many villages, they took all the food, resulting in starvation, and scraped the tombstones bare, erasing the memory of generations of German villagers, thereby erasing ancestors as if they had never lived. Those who wipe off the inscriptions from centuries-old family gravestones -- trying to erase Memory -- as they conquer nation after nation under different guises, give themselves away each time they misrepresent. One can see the end result in Baltic states where the culture destroying occupiers (and their decedents) now outnumber the native inhabitants.

To accurately honor the memory of those who created greatly, who gave much to humanity is one of the meanings embodied in the image of the raven, Munin, sent by the Teutonic High God, Odin, to fly about the 9 Worlds. His name means "Memory." Another image in Teutonic Theology is that of the Goddess, Saga, from whom the modern English term derives. She is the Goddess of Commemoration, of Story, and History.

Read our tribute to Ezra Pound and an excerpt from one of his late works here: Timeless Heroes. It is no wonder that Munin and Saga are important to Teutonic Theology. Offworld and cross dimensional Guardians are needed in dishonest times to safe keep True Direct Memory against needless cruelty and alien takeover values.

On a similar topic, the meaning of living might be considered against the backdrop of the end of life. One of our priests is helping a parent through the final passage that is a terminal illness. Read this universal human experience, from those who refuse nursing home care for the older generation. It is written from the Nordic Pagan perspective here: Writing of Memory .

We enjoy the honest reporting and research available to subscribers of the Barnes Review and we suggest readers of our site would also benefit from their scholarly works. They are currently running a free book promotion so you're encouraged to avail yourselves of this offer as we have

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Seen and Unseen, Many Live
Rarely does one find a book as packed with detailed up-close personal investigations of intelligent life from other worlds as Contact and Cosmology, formerly known as Channeling the Visitors. Misanthropic controllers may keep trying to close minds to the truth of intelligent life including our own, Breckmann uses a variety of techniques to probe the true, the taboo, the rumored, and the interesting!

Contact and Cosmology   is a serious and scholarly work based on real life experienced by different individuals. Not favoring any single agenda, this book explores the multiverse providing real and practical views of life in which different groups of Extra-Terrestrials participate.

Those who do not mean humans well nor want each to develop healthy potential won't want you to read this book. Life, by its very nature, IS intelligent, creative and non-conforming -- taboo even to its enemies and users. If you read this book, you just might reach the same conclusion we did: that there are highly evolved beings connected directly to the heart of the multiverse who Wish us Well. This book isn't about complicated labels nor selective withholding of truth. It is also not just another piece of pulp fictionlike well-worn scare story of another new apocalypse date like 2012 -- just straight stuff from different angles of historical research, scientific and metaphysical exploration. In short, it's not selling anything or promoting any one central cause.

Here Channelers and ETs tell how ETs groups worked with Aryans and the other races long before hateful myths were recently shoved in everyone's consciousness to harm, block, demean, absorb and discredit our beautiful intelligent race. Evidently the different races have different offworld sponsors. Fortunately, some ET groups, are no longer permitted to harm here, we're told. They worked to mass enslave humanity. It turns out all along we've witnessed and participated in a battle for consciousness -- our consciousness, our precious life commodity required to awaken and develop. These bad ETs have already caused humans here to enter into agreements, misunderstandings and practices which seal off and redirect much of the natural individual consciousness here.

In each chapter, author Georg Breckmann interviews different experiencers and field experts. Go with him on the journeys to experience the unusual which resonates as true, told directly from several completely different perspectives. Even though each chapter could be developed into its own book, an overall picture and new understanding emerges with appreciation for some (not all!) of the Visitors.

Uniquely this book also takes an unexpected turn into a rarely seen  Norse Shaman Ošinism instruction  and then moves into more about our own White Folk history. Unlike the enemies of our Folk, this book never resorts to the shallow and sensational nor does it attempt to coerce understanding. (These techniques are not our way and always signal enemy alien dishonest influence.) It merely presents.

The Gambanreiši site usually does not feature books on aliens and UFOs. However, this unrelenting quest with honest expert investigations into the subconscious, unlike most writings, touches directly on our own Norse history and cosmology. Cutting across cultural barriers and taboos, we liked its fresh renewed exploration of Ošinism. It was at first surprising to find our theology in the middle of a series of discussions of aliens. But the book's focus on direct experience demonstrates accurately our Folk's ancient mystic traditions and Theology which has always involved working with beings from other realms.

Alien-inspired theologies place man at the pinnacle of creation. This cloak of egoic flattery: seals and prevents awareness and intentionally makes our people vulnerable and indifferent or afraid of Frigga's world around. Over recent centuries, this thought virus has rapidly been part of a series of onslaughts designed to shut down and diminish humanity's unique potential to explore, learn, grow, experience, and evolve as a welcome participatant with the Many other beings in the multiverse and here on Terra.

Working with some of these beings, we find they, too, wish we would overcome the challenges and harm instigated by other alien types. In the Ošin-inspired tutoring chapters we were pleased to read how our Gods and Goddesses work directly with our Folk today. This book also explains through the lens of channeled information some aspects of our Folk history that is rarely discussed. It is refreshing to read a timely and timeless book that does not offer pat answers, but provides a realistic larger context of human history. Rarely discussed in the limiting mass media, our earth history is a cosmic process of humans working together with many beings,   Awakening our Folk Potential. This books takes us beyond known borders and is both positive and encouraging.

Coming soon in eBook. Explore this wild and wonderful universe with author Georg Breckmann.   To order your copy, email the author or learn more, visit Mr. Breckmann's website at

Join a growing body of the honest public who have turned off the propaganda broadcast feeds to their homes and desktops. Hear Ron Paul eloquently speak on the Congress floor why   the U.S. American public do not want yet another war . War chaos, its environmental pollution, expense, suffering, and damage to anyone is not in any American human's best interests. Ever wonder who wants all these wars and why it's so important to them to find excuse after excuse to  Keep War Alive ?

Planet Earth As Weapon and Target Read Leuren Moret's thoughtful expose of the roots of the New World Order and Its Permanent War Economy.

History & Perspective regarding this Gambanreiši Statement

A Short Statement of National Socialism and How It Fell off the Tracks

Dismantling the "hate". Rascism
has been carefully misdefined and alien seeded into the human thoughtstream and is rarely what one is told.
In Memory of our many brave and true white men, women, and children who went before and the many who routinely suffer today from "free-world" state and theology sponsored EEOC and other supposedly non-rascist discrimination programs of re-distributions and re-settlements.
The world will be a better place when the hate programming and forced-mixing is dismantled and refused by all peoples. Know this: Diversity means keeping our own cultures intact -- rather than losing all diverse peoples into a mass-mixed collective One.

Currently we are promoting a selection of four recent documentary reports and one expose of the leaks to intentionally mislead some of the good reporters, 6 Trojan Horses in our Corral.   Each documentary is available for viewing at   Fouling Our Nest with Suffering: Remnants of a Bad Alien Agenda.   We recognize that neither communism nor capitalism taken to their logical expansive extremes eventually promotes health, happiness nor overall well-being. Despite capitalist and communist rhetoric (to disinform, redefine for the individual, rewrite history, and hide underlying intents), a third alternative which this site has always promoted for the Norse people is and was always needed. True diversity recognizes that the real honest working solutions always come from the folk in homogeneous communities. These solutions would be loosely managed on a local level.

In contrast, these documentaries report about the NWO agenda, Codex Alimentarius, Poison Spraying US Population Centers, and how New Orleans crimes were larger than any civilized society would permit, potentially signalling a clear end of humanity's era in this country. None of these four documentary topics would occur in a peaceful civilized land where the natural communitys of people choose freely without incessant mind control propaganda, advertising, manipulation of issues, lies, or group management.

»  How did conformity become so deeply embedded in individuals until the masses of people chose to become heavily sedated (managed like herds) and dare not speak?
»  Is it that people are simultaneously exhausted and distracted through excess stimulations that, instead of thinking, they now only respond as catalyzed by others (i.e. mass handlers)?
»  How externally programmed are people? If you listen to the man on the street, do you hear people today consider the benefits of a gentle soaking rain to the beings around them OR are they immediately focusing on and worrying over their own personal safety, thinking of some weather trauma across the world as, by proxy, they blend their minds and experience into the daily disaster group reporting?
»  How much cognitive disconnect do you observe between what people say and do around you? For example, why does one observe neighborhood sprinkler systems, programmed to overwater lawns in many southern cities, buffeting the soaked scalped yards while these same people repeat slogans advertising and warning one another of water shortages and why do they still dump toxic lawn chemicals that drain into the water supplies many depend on for our life throughout the country? What about this makes sense if one observes reality apart from the slogans, the advertisements, and the social rules?
»  Who considers that the many yard and house poisons really weaken to prematurely sicken or kill humanity who are perhaps purposely conditioned to live locked indoors, avoiding and fearing or distaining the outside world? Are people trained to cheerfully poisoning themselves and their family members who eventually develop allergies and other diseases from life in their own homes, lawns and sick office buildings?
»  Could it be that humanity after years of being told what to do are so dumbed down from the many assaults on their individual health that they are now paying to purchase and self-administer debilitating or addictive poisons while shunning foods with nourishing natural life energy?
»  Could it be the concept of sanitation used to kill was blamed on one folk in order to introduce killing to widespread acceptance of all peoples commercially?
»  Or could too many violent video games be a diversionary prelude, making operations like New Orleans too easy to accept and just another series of bad weather reports as the stories like many other dramas are mass told? Then throw in years of overstimulus, despair programming, and chemical additives to drug and make people docile and stupid, more self-involved ... to easily forget or live with conscious choice and critical independent thinking?

Despite these real life horrors, Benevolent Ones are working on behalf of humanity to restore health with better alternatives which do not promote greed and suffering.

Social Survival Skills in Today's World - Practical Advice

Victim Mentality: an Unequal Foundation for an Unhealthy Society

Breathing The Runes

Meditative Paradigms (full version) To view one of the subsections, choose one of the below links.
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A Folk Religion usually is ...

In the Old Norse, the term, Gambanreiši, means, "The Gošin clad for battle".
We work towards protecting the Green World, Gimle, and rebuilding our community in it. Loki's alien suffering virus shall have no place in the realm enjoyed by our people in Middle Earth. It is a place where inhabitants will have learned well no longer to let Loki trick or manipulate them into suffering and servitude.

Currents of change and renewal are surging through our noosphere.
Watch and participate.
Dare to dream of the world you would like to live in. Think ahead of the world you would wish to create for your children and their children if your heart's best desires could happen here. Imagine what changes, even the small ones, that you could do today to bring these best things into tomorrow.
Visualize it.
Ask the Gošin to show you the ancient ways and what it would be like, once again, to live here in Vidar's primeval forests again, Gimle !

The Device   is a collection of stories now easily accessible in several file formats.

The Gambanreiši Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.