Geist, Zeit, Exposés and Proposed Solutions

and what remains assumed, avoided and unspoken

It is refreshing to see internet documentaries like Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition released on February 28, 2008 and Zeitgeist, the Addendum, released on October 3, 2008 summarizing issues surrounding events leading up to today's turmoil. These studies explain bravely some of the dangers and connected corrupt underpinnings of current mass monied Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve (usury based) system. Since the release of Zeitgeist in February, the internet search engines turn up so many videos commenting on the original movie that it becomes difficult to find the original version easily.

For decades now it has been modis operandi for professionally trained detractors to subvert inconvenient truths by appearing to "own" and then co-opt "the story" to rewrite it. Notice how these rewrites tend to focus mass attention dramatically on a single irrelevant image or même, dishonestly ignoring the truth entirely.

First the Controlled Media typically pretends publicly to endorse a topic they wish to control. Immediately they create and divert the message, refocusing attention to replace any unwanted information with their professionally managed viewpoint. Then, after they steal the limelight and adjust the content, one sees the result of how unlimited wealth is misused to:

own, control and frame all debate.

Where no debate would naturally exist, to own and misuse events to further hidden agendas, they claim false authority and divert weak minded individuals who accept the media blitz as truthful. This stifles higher order creative thinking and problem solving skills that the original truths and our natural positive solutions might engender.

This technique called Dialectical Management. By funding both sides of forced pseudo arguments, professionally trained detractors frame the arguments, until we believe them "our arguments". Perhaps this form of opinion creating and then people herding even describes much of our electoral process in some countries. Why are we, the sheeple, stupid enough, ill-funded or disorganized and passive enough to allow this treatment? Instead, one must observe carefully instead of permitting ourselves to spend our time passively, not thinking. One can carefully judge the situation instead of ceding our creative thought to the opinion-makers who professionally manage people and intentionally disregard truth (and also fabricate it for us). But be careful. If this were not a free country, we might find harm comes to those honest and brave enough to speak an unwelcome message, especially in a public setting.

It is also wise to observe what is not said or which thoughts may never be permitted or, if ever expressed, when one is made to feel repeatedly deep degradation or shame. Anytime expressing an honest thought or observation is met with the slightest feeling of shame or degradation instead of openness, realize as soon as the denigration is ever felt, it also indicates deep brain washing and conditioning has already occurred both to the individual and throughout society. The attacks of one promoting this degradation are attempts to protect and further the mass societal brainwashing already in place and are not open honest expressions of an individual's thought. One rapidly becomes a scapegoat when standing up against mass social pressure.

The Zeitgeist exposé appears bold, but it neglects the crimes that still effect our Folk the most.

The two hour movie and its two-hour addendum do much that is right. However even more importantly, we recommend that you review in the context of these Zeitgeist movies what no one in authority is willing to discuss publicly, the content of these three short videos. By this silence ...
Systematic Ethnic Genocide Continues
Europe Is Being Distroyed
Blonds are Special

Consider well the amount of energy and money that has gone into creating mythic Hollywood images with accepted targeted emotional images of well-defined (i.e. well-taught) wars. Consider that perhaps these well-advertised and overly defined wars we are permitted (forced) as a mass culture to look at repeatedly are only the continuation of a long tradition of war by the same rich elite, not only against all people, using one group of us against another as Zeitgiest demonstrates. What if history like humanity is connected in an overall continuous fabric across the tapestries of time and cannot be isolated?

What if one of these publicly defined wars supposedly finished in 1945 by humiliation and subjugation but not true kindness of intention by a hidden group of conquerors some of who have vowed never to stop fighting? What if subdividing a nation to subjugation and splitting a continent was a tactic in an ongoing series of war that never concluded in the eyes of the victors? What if that well-publicized war, used today to keep our Norse Folk from being one, was a war that started well before the Treaty of Versailles enslaved a particular people in monetary debt and was repealed in Germany? What if the same money enslavers were fighting the same wars before that war and using different national identified leaders as pawns to pit peoples who should naturally have been friends to vanquish one another?

Today all borders and all national identities around the world except for a favored few are forced to bear policies that often no longer represent the indigenous peoples that once owned those countries. What if subdividing a nation and a continent repeatedly years ago was just another tactic in the ongoing onslaught? What if what followed by forcing open all of our borders so friendly made-to-feel-eternally-guilty brainwashed war weary peoples would have nowhere to call our homeland nor to grow our unique intelligence and define for ourselves what constitutes our well-being? Is this not domination using religion, warfare, and money as weapons to enslave?

What if most of history was manufactured or staged, as Zeitgeist points out? Have we not been snookered by a play, a drama, a forced reality owned by those monied enough and cruel enough to pull it off?

To wake up, we have to individually derive our own reality apart from the herd. We have to look at whom owns the message boxes and what underlies the messages. We have to look at the profit motive and see how making everyone say our brand of peanut butter is "spreadable" or our toilet paper is "squeezable" was perhaps more than just a happy message humans repeated to one another ... en masse. Perhaps watching humans parrot behaviors and how values spread or were influenced was part of social engineering ... social engineering in some cases certain groups out of existence and our of their homelands.

One of the problems of Zeitgeist, The Addendum is that it looks to technology as the solution. Isn't it also the ill-use of technology that has gotten us into this mess? Isn't it the technology of letting our bodies be operated upon by technicians today one that conditions us towards being quietly implanted ... perhaps from birth ... perhaps from a sleep study (that insurance covers of course)?

Notice the lattice work of institutions that contribute towards making us humans less intelligent, less identified with our unique heritages, and make us want to earn more money. Notice how we feel we must or want to excel in participating in a system that overall harms as it controls.

Is it kind that humans should have to pay for water? There is no less water on the planet than before. The only truth is we permit some who would also sell us water to also pollute our water supplies. Fresh water, known by the ancients, brought health naturally. What is different today? Is it kind that humans should lose their homes or pay several times over the value of them to use the money instead of working together to build people of our own families and heritages homes that suit our style of life? Is it kind to use the lower appetites of humans to make them buy things they don't need or keep them dependent on things that don't benefit the planet? Is it kind to keep technologies from people that could elminate pesticides or dependence on expensive utility companies?

What these two movies don't look at are the following areas:
Voluntary reduction of populations especially by those groups whose populations are growing most rapidly. Unlimited growth is unsustainable irregardless of racial group.

Respect for national borders and boundaries and preserving benefits for local populations so those working for these programs also benefit from their own social services instead of giving them away, overwhelming and burdening at great expense the local populations.

School systems that promote independent thought, don't always have to educate every language or ethnicity together in the same classroom, promote intelligence and health without brainwashing or forcing everyone into a common idealogy, brainwashed selected history nor passive conformance. School systems that promote children who excel to develop without holding them back to wait for the newcomers to learn a language or develop behavior skills. Living in harmony with the animals without disrespect for their lives and their own species unique well-being.
Living cleanly without polluting through warfare or chemical wastes. Living with respect for other beings of the planet, not to cage or own any of them, but allow as much as possible free range, respecting others unique needs.
The need for certain racial groups to be Separate and have their own Homeland since uniquely homogeneous communities will tend to contribute uniquely if permitted and encouraged

Stereotyping is racial and harms everyone! For example, examine the facts that:

  • not all black people are from the same tribe or country,
  • some of the best white people are not the monied elite, the politicians, history myth-makers, nor the money-changers,
  • white homelands deserve to be protected for whites, just as each distinct culture deserves their space
  • denying jobs to locals so other races can be imported to take them is rascism. It erodes and destabilizes the local economies. Politicians who support these practices are not protecting their local populations nor their homelands
  • there are a few Christians who love life here, aren't wishing for the end of the world and don't equate their spirituality with their possessions and material consumption.
  • discrimination against local populations is organized and not for any of our locals protection.
    Perhaps the message forces people to believe what we are paying lip service to while the opposite is being practiced. We deny our own senses in favor of manipulation of our images and thought processes.

    Finally, ask yourself why you continually hear of Albert Einstein and rarely hear of Nikola Tesla.
    The answer is "Rascism and Money."

    The bottom line: don't watch what they say, or are reported to have said. Watch what they do. They speak to us all the time about racial diversity while simultaneously promoting only selected messages and demanding conformance against ourselves. Owning both sides of their staged dialectic arguments, they also offer us:
  • no real choice,
  • no homeland, and
  • no access to our own heritage.
    Few recognize this as many unwittingly have become traitors to ourselves to gain acceptance or survive safely in a system whose underlying principals do and have been for centuries -- subtlely and overtly -- systemmaticly promoting our Norse Folk's Genocide.

    It's high time we gave ourselves permission to appreciate and live for ourselves again!

    Once again we point you to The Device and a worldview that supports our Folk. Again, we also point out that after centuries of exterminations, our ancient Folk still have sponsors different than the ones sponsoring other races and Folk groups. There is a reason when allowed to develop naturally, people formed communities together and spoke a common language unique to their races or tribes. By extinguishing all unique peoples and their best potentials, everyone eventually loses ... even those who think they are running things.

    The Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at

    We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.