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Remember How to Celebrate the Natural Rhythms of Life -- our beloved Seasons with a Favorite Teuton
Observe the Seasons and Times ...
a Folk Religion is Characterised by these Qualities ...
Norse Blessing at Mealtime
Everyone is "Indigenous" Somewhere.
Are All Men Brothers? Finnish wisdom-master, godi, and Har-Klimache, Johannes Kintala at Malmo, Sverige, 1979

Did Hitler know that flouride was a poison and use it on prisoners?    How nations on Prosac since WWII demented the mental and moral capabilities of their peoples
New! Kinds of Runes and Runes in Song
Set Us Free!  Why does the bloodlust of sick failed 2012-type dramas sell??!?    Johns and Freud explore how beliefs are misused to underpin acceptance of Mass Terrorism
Programmed Illnesses!   Sophia Smallstorm shows what tree death and the new diseases sickening most people here have in common.
Reader Commentary: Blonds should file class action suits against sponsored genocidal racism!
Sovereign People Rise Iceland's Wise People Remember & Choose Their Freedom!
History & Perspective regarding this Gambanreiði Statement

6 Gifts of the Gods to Man
6 Trojan Horses in our Corral
7 Essays
13 Practices Habits of Mind, Ways to Advance Your Personal Evolution
13 Steps to Advance your Personal Evolution
Acid Test of Humanity
Ancient Aryan Culture
And So Shall It Rise
Books Reviewed
Breathing The Runes     Large Print Version - Our ancient nature-oriented runes are beloved through the ages. Runes are from our own Ancestor's Nature Centered Ideograms.

Calendar of the Norse
Problems with Whistleblowers and Channelers
Coarse Bread and Comely Children
The Controlled Media - exposed in the 1880's
Controlled Media Techniques
The Covert Kingdom
Credit Reports
Derailed Movement - A Short Statement of National Socialism and How It Fell off the Tracks
The Device
Dialectical Management
Dismantling the Hate
Economic Future of U.S. and China
Eight Doors
Entering Adulthood
Entertainment Culture
Evolution from a Norse Viewpoint
First Hate Crimes
Fouls the Nests are the direct result of FAILED Immigration Policies
Fresh Streams - Featured Gambanreiði New Items
Glossary of North European Cosmology
Gambanreiði Statement Spring 1995
Gambanreiði Statement Irregular Issue 1997-1998
Health Topics - GMOs replacing our Foods
                       Should decades of Prosac in your drinking water concern you?

High Speech

Human Katrina - Race Misapplied to Engineer our Many White Races Out of Existence
I was Born a Refugee, she said
In Respect to our Elders, our Children and Ourselves      We are NOT Silent
Meditation on the Mind of Oðin
News & Updates
Meditative Paradigms (all sections)
     Contextual Background of the Meditations
     Preparing to do the Meditation Paradigms
     Doing the Meditative Paradigms
     Cognitive Meditations - Awakening Potential
     Advisory Meditations (Teutonic Folkways)
New Age? As Piscean as it Gets!
Nordic Esoterica
     The Fylgjar of the Nornir
Nordic Economics
Norse Orðrs - from the Top
Northern European Pre-Christian Calendar
Orwell Realized
Pitfalls in Mate Selection
Planet Earth As Weapon and Target exposing the effects of Trauma Overload to all of us living in today's Permanent War Economy
Planet Earth As Weapon and Target - (Original Source).
Poetry Section
    Memories - What Remains Is One's Memories
    Ezra Pound - Hero of our Folk   - This Hero's Torture We Despise
    Mother Shipton's Visions           - May the Golden Age start anew
    Raven's Gift
    Soul Seasons
    Soul Seasons 2
    The Center of Things
    Waldport Festival
    Winter Finding
And if Prosacing people weren't enough ... a brave woman dares expose what she knows is happening from the inside

Read or download a copy of Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology
       thanks to Gabriella's great website http://www.vaidilute.com/
    Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology - Volume 1
    Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology - Volume 2
    Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology - Volume 3
Individual Social Survival Skills in Today's World - Practical Advice
Surprising Revelation - reprint
Teutonic Cosmology of Personhood from the Völuspà
Norse Shamanic Understanding of the Energetic Bodies of a Person
The Device - Aryana - access this story in other file formats
Thomas Carlyle's Hero
Victim Mentality
View of Pleasures
War as a Test of Mass Consciousness
Why Afrikaans Capitulated


Health Promoting Energy and Science

KeelyNet - Lots of Ideas about Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science The sponsors of this site are seeking to catalyze, assist and promote the discovery and implementation of free energy, gravity control, electronic health and alternative science originated technologies.

Nexus Magazine - Alternative News, Politics, Energy, & Health

The Human Katrina: Global Engineered Rascism Once thought open-minded generosity to those less fortunate, the tide of human results show instead a coordinated managed attack on the Homelands of many local peoples. Disguised as a local Racial Diversity Extinguishment Program, we find ourselves being pushed, subdivided, and legislated out of existence. Our own white tax dollars support racial education programs designed to instill hatred in children and cause white children to dissociate from their heritage and identities.
Frosty Wooldridge - "Overpopulation in the United States will become THE single greatest issue facing Americans in the 21st century. We either solve it proactively or nature will solve it brutally for us via water shortages, energy crisis, air pollution, gridlock, species extinction and worse. The U.S. population will double from 300 million to 600 million on its way to 1 billion in the lifetime of a child born today if we fail to change course."

We've been used!    Unrelenting influx of faster breeding racial groups in local neighborhoods guised as social programs, overwhelms the good citizens with mislabeled minority groups who takeover cities like Detroit or New Orleans until the invasion has displaced local inhabitants to succumb to the invasion mandated by their own politicians.

In retrospect, one sees that after decades of anti local racially biased population infusions from other regions of the world, our local peoples are rapidly being displaced with laws even still preventing us from living in community with one another. The displacing overwhelming majority population groups are still state sponsored, still mislabelled minorities, and are therefore treated to benefits paid for by the shrinking populations of long term residents who themselves, now marginalized and if not utterly destitute, are often now without benefits they see freely given to even illegal aliens. State sponsored transfer of wealth continues to destablize indigenous gene pools. Meanwhile in the coordinated attack, cross breeding has been aggressively promoted.

Throughout the Land, Marginalized Northern Europeans' Once Close-Knit Stable Homogeneous Cultural Communities are Disappearing.
By destructive design, unique human folk groups (species) vanish.
Meanwhile, unquestioned, the NWO mega-programs promote ways to Weaken, Distract, Outbreed and Extinguish all unique human family groups.
They tell you "one size fits all" and everyone is alike! This speaks their wish for the type of controllable rootless humans they want here.

As languages are extinguished, uniquely developed racial family thought patterns erode, communities die. We ARE irreplaceable.

The ancients understood well with good wise reason, as we, the Norse people, hold dear our many beloved Gods ... as well as Huginn and Muninn.
We must once again offer our support, our ingenuity, our love for wildness of living things and our wallets to Vidar, helping His Green World including each of us Grow here again Everyone is "Indigenous" Somewhere.   Respect yourself and our beautiful race by Protecting and Growing Back Your Own Oldest North European Ancestral Rootlines. These articles are here to help you understand and appreciate.

Other Theologies

Note: this site does not support black magic or occult versions of these theologies. For students of cultural history, we find the below sites also worthy of review. Studying and worship are two different things. This site does not promote worship of idols or harmful use of any type of power.

Nova Roma - A site dedicated to the restoration of a Pagan Rome

Gens Ursa - A Refreshing Pagan site of racailly aware Roman Pagans. Emphasis on Warrior Tradition and Martial Arts

The Pagan Federation

IMBAS Promotes the religion of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and Celtic Culture

Odinic / Asatru Specific References

Comunità Odinista - Odinists of Northern Italy

Wyvern's Faith, Folk & Family Website - A Personal View of Odinism

Heathen - Website of the Odinic Rite


Thor's Hearth - The West Yorkshire Hearth of the Odinist Fellowship

Northvegr - A freely available resource for adherents of the Northern spiritual faith of the Northern Way and for all those who live by the pre-Christian spiritual faiths of Northern Europe also known as Heithni

Heathens against universalism - This web-ring is run by and for the folkish heathens of Odin's Nation. They heartily welcome as honoured guests all those following the ancient faiths native to Europe - Celtic, Baltic, Hellenic, Slavic, and those other culturally-based Europeans lifeways which have been reborn.

Various Links

Vaidilutë means fire priestess in the Lithuanian language. The Vaidilutës are pagan priestesses, the sentinels of the Fire of the Gods. Their sacred duty is to guard the Eternal Flame, which is believed to be the connection with the world of the ancestors who continued to live on in its light.

Synthesis - Site description, "Synthesis is an irregularly-published intellectual and cultural journal devoted to Anarchy (the preservation of the Anarch [or Sovereign Individual] in all aspects of life and the possibility of multi-level realities), Occulture (the appreciation and understanding of the Esoteric nature of Life and Culture), and Metapolitics (a rejection of trivial party politics and an interest in global aims, as well as a political belief in grand plans and projects with an anti-Humanist streak).

Review of The Mind-Benders - The Mind-Benders is an analysis of the media power in Great Britain. Written in 1997, it details how (and why) the information we receive via the media is censored and distorted. If we are to avoid insidious totalitarianism we must be aware of the enormous control in the mass media that alien minorities possess.

Mideast Realities - Great site with information you'll rarely find elswhere

Cloak and Dagger - Sherman Skolnick, ultimate muckraker. Has lots of content on his site, a great weekly radio program, and an audio archive too.

Other Sites and Reference Materials

The New Order - Site description, "Today we live under an Old Order. It is a sick and degenerate system of rat-race materialism, self-fixation, drugs, pollution, miscegenation, AIDS, filth, chaos and corruption. It is a way of Alienation and Death. But there is a better way, a way of Life. That way calls for a rebirth of racial idealism for each people and reverence for the eternal laws of Nature. It involves a new awareness, a new faith, a new way of life a New Order."

For a Dying Race - Site description, "We on Volkermord are working to unite Aryan people with true National Socialist beliefs for white international friendship against worldwide destruction of the Aryan Race and culture by false infestation of our way of life, our history and our birthright!" Note: this site discusses NS movement before it was infamously, destructively, and tragicly co-opted by the worst elements of capitalists, communists, AND global terrorists. No people should ever be singled out for suffering today or then from such perversions.

MARCH OF THE TITANS - A History of the White Race.

Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War, by Henry Stevens. Quote from Amazon.com, "Presenting amazing (and sometimes incredulous) theories, some of which have been vehemently denied by conventional authorities, Hitler's Flying Saucers is a singularly fascinating and thought-provoking study which is highly recommended reading -- especially for students of UFO phenomenon, military aviation, and suppressed history."

German Weapons Projects - See just how far science advanced under a Folkish Economy

SIGRDRIFA Publications - Website Dedicated to White Women, Families, and Their Interests

Stormfront - Great site with wonderful links and archives of the many stream of thought within National Socialism

DEFRAUDING AMERICA - Encyclopedia of Secret and Corrupt Operations by various entities

British Nationalist Party Page - News from Great Britian

American Friends of the British National Party

The British Movement Homepage

The Scorpion - Great Annual, with Articles and Reviews from a non-globalist, non-liberal slant. Excellent!

Christopher Ruddy - Great, Truthful Journalism

The Spotlight - Great Populist Newspaper, Worthy of your Subscription

The American Populist Review - Nice Collection of Populist Topics

The National Alliance - Thoughtful Weekly Radio Show from Dr. Pierce and lots of printable material

The Barnes Review - Historical Revisionism

Link(s) Moved or Not Functioning: Capitol Hill Links - Sites and Groups around the World.

American Front

VOTER FRAUD How Globalists simply steal U.S. Elections from American voters now
      Just like Dresden ... The Most Dangerous Book in the World ... Mass Ritual to conquer a nation ... This time it's ours!
    right in front of our noses    !    Lights Out America!

Norman Dodd reveals the secret history of our downfall - the real role of Tax Exempt foundations in the U.S.

The Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at www.gambanreidistatement.com

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.