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These are items and essays that don't really fit any particular category, but ones that we feel will be of interest to our readers.

A Symptom of Alienation- Being Whom we are Not - Finding fictitious or specious identities is symptomatic of the alienated. The green-eyed man of Scandinavian descent, named after one of the sacred trees in Norse theology, calls himself a “Nazarene priest” and sees himself, further, as a Chinese warrior, practicing one of the other Kung-fu systems. He does both piously and wholeheartedly. We might ask ourselves this: what happened to the organic, to the real, to the actual identify of each person that would have flowed, naturally through ancestors and community, as each actor in the multicultural parade assumes is a “healthy” or “indigenous” transmission of culture as long as this is applied to any Third World culture or non-Western people? Read on...

Economic Future of the U.S. and China - China has also anchored its currency to thhe dollar to stablize it. So when China's currency threatens to go down, the dollar absorbs the loss. Click link to read more.

Entertainment Culture - The purpose of life is, according to our PPagan ancestors, to evolve, not to be entertained, nor to receive passive pleasures, which always have strings attached, such as an alien and destructive world-view. Click above and read on!

Orwell Realized - George Orwell’s descriptions of a Neew World Order, as he saw its potential in the late 1940’s, placed into perspective and comparison with today’s System.

We have just we reprinted an interesting essay from the Athenapolis website, Set Them Free. Here is a quote: "In today’s technological world, dominated by Will To Power and hamstrung by the SemiConscious Apparatus, we are constantly traumatized by the succession of insane and devastating events. The war on individualism and sanity is merciless, and the conditioning of the young would make even Orwell rattle in his grave. 9/11 is the name for the first milepost on the rough ride to the World as Self-Annihilation. We can expect far worse. And it could be soon, because the Judeo- Christian-Islamic guilt complex has slipped whatever light harness it had to reality and world community. The key and deadly nature of guilt is that it demonizes, trivializes and erases the guilty Self by proxy."

Religion, Philosophy, and Meditative Practice

We have updated our classic work, Breathing The Runes. Our monograph will enlighten you to a runic practice that has been handed down for generations. Much of what we offer you, you'll find no where else. Remember, the runes were in use by Nordic peoples from all over Northern Europe, and this tradition may have variances depending on where it was practiced geographically. Right-click and download it today!

Nordic Esoterica - Are the Gods real? Do they exist in our dimension? Read on! Contributed by Viktor C. Lesson.

13 Practices, Habits of Mind, Ways to Advance Your Personal Evolution. Our guide toward improving your personal evolution. We encourage you to print it out and keep as a reference, and give copies to anyone looking at real self-improvement. 13 Practices

Thomas Carlyle, the 19th Century Scottish philosopher and his recent interpreters, define and discuss the role of The Hero in Western Thought

Professor Carl Jung on Wotanism

The Meditative Paradigms of Seiğr. The Meditative Practice passed on through generations of our Folk

Mahabharata A look back on the Hindi Text, Mahabharata, and how it's prophecy relates today.


The Ancient Aryans by Viktor Rydberg. A concise history on who the Aryans were and are, their origins, and migrations.

Social Issues

Pitfalls in Mate-Selection Don't get married or go on another date w/o reading this advice

The Pleasures of the Mind This piece contrasts the attitudes of indulgence from Pagan and Christian points of view.

Current Events and Political Commentary

NEW! The Covert Kingdom - GS readers, it is important to realize thaat the Neo-Conservative movement in the U.S. and its sycophant organizations and governments abroad do not represent just "another political movement," as we may tend to think, nor a passing trend. They represent as serious a Medieval turn against the advances of the modern world and toward a Dark Age of ignorance and induced misery as did the Ayatollah Khomeni's fundamentalist Islamic regime in Iran. NEW! For your consideration, we offer a reprint of Occult and Ritual Significance of 911; Review of Sources, a synopsis of various resources on the web that document the meaning behind the WTC and Pentagon destruction.

A Surprising Revelation - It seems the Chief British Prosecutor at NNuremberg had a 180 degree change in attitude regarding the role of Germany in the Second World War. Our readers recognized the ramifications of the Communist takeover in Europe, right down to the current troubles with highly trained Mujahadeen Moslems the CIA originally funded to combat Russians, but for those of you fence-sitters, have an eye-opening read!

And So It Shall Rise - Are we taking the right approach in advanccing the cause of National Socialism? Are the methods and tactics employed today still viable? Sound advice and a new approach to getting the word out to our people.
Contributed by Viktor C. Lesson.

New Age? As Piscean as it gets! What does the New Age really mean? How is it affecting us and who is behind it? Find out! A great read for newcomers and old critics of "New Agers".

Rorschach in the Sky Littleton, Jonesboro, Serbia, and Beyond

Dialectical Management

Of Credit Reports, Urine Tests and Class Warfare.... System Intimidation Tactics


Seasons of the Soul and Demeter, Kore, Ariadne - Two poems on this link

Many - behind the illusion of One are the voices of Many,

Controlled Media

Jack Swinton of the New York Times saw clearly that in America media control intentionally shapes public decisions back as early as the 1880's.

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